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We are thrilled to offer you a unique sponsorship opportunity to support Cajun Navy Ground Force, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative, efficient and effective on the ground disaster relief.

We have multiple ways to have your brand displayed next to ours when we are deployed and when we are training.

When your organization becomes a sponsor you will play a vital role in our mission to support the elderly, disabled, homebound infirmed and other vulnerable populations after natural disasters.

Seeking SAFE Camp Corporate Sponsors
SAFE Camp – Reliable branded disaster sponsorship aligned with a corporations giving priorities.

SAFE Camp Animated Video

SAFE Camp is a centralized safe geographical location where we set up a massive volunteer/survivor operation for weeks at a time.

Why Sponsor Us?

Trust. Customers remember brands that help.


Your company’s brand, logo, and corporate messaging will be prominently displayed alongside our work efforts. While deployed in the field we display your company via signs, stickers on our equipment, banners on our work sites, t-shirts on our teams all ensuring that your commitment to disaster relief and community support reaches a wide audience in the midst of disaster.

  • Thousands of spontaneous disaster volunteers will see your brand when they perform boots on the ground work through us.
  • Victims come to us for Swift Intervention help at SAFE Camp. Over 18,000 during Hurricane Ian.
  • They trust us.


With significant online traffic during disasters, our website and social media platforms offer valuable exposure for your brand. Through sponsorship, you can leverage our digital presence to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness through embedded logos, post tags and shoutouts on our video content.


  • Regularly featured on Good Morning America, Fox Weather, ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, BBC, Bloomberg and most other major networks.
  • Your brand will be seen via posts and tags alongside our enormous and growing social media reach.
  • Individuals will see your brand alongside our efforts.


Corporate Social Responsibility

By sponsoring Cajun Navy Ground Force, your organization demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility, strengthening its reputation as a compassionate and socially conscious entity.


  • Build a positive reputation and enhance their brand image.
  • CSR programs can boost employee morale and engagement.


Community Engagement

Our website serves as a hub for individuals seeking assistance, resources, and ways to get involved. By sponsoring our initiatives, your company can actively engage with a global community of like-minded individuals passionate about disaster relief and recovery.

  • Become an insider on our social platforms to stay up-to-date with our efforts.
  • Collaborate with other organizations that sponsor us.
  • Receive newsletter updates on our efforts and how you can contribute in ways that go beyond disaster response.


Collaborative Partnership

By partnering with Cajun Navy Ground Force, your organization gains access to a dedicated team of professionals committed to making a difference. We will work closely with you to tailor a sponsorship and volunteer package that aligns with your objectives, values, and desired level of involvement. As a bonus, we create opportunities for your employees to volunteer in a highly effective and safe manner.

  • Your team can volunteer and show up in company t-shirts and we will put them to work!
  • Get your organization Swift Intervention trained and have a place to quickly volunteer every disaster.
  • Customers are increasingly drawn to brands that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental causes.

$1 DELIVERS $12 IN SERVICES (Through volunteer efforts and in-kind donations)

highly efficient disaster intervention

$10 million budget can deliver up to $120 million in value to disaster stricken communities


Our five programs are sponsor supported, so sponsors logos will be visible throughout the physical operations area where public activity is taking place. Not much different than seeing sponsor signage at a major sporting event, SAFE Camp is a sponsor supported major relief event. 

There is a bonus. We are a consistent go to for major media outlets and we use social media and our Visual Storytelling program to organize massive citizen movements after a disaster. So because we are highly visible not only on the ground but on television and online your brand will be a part of massive online coverage as well. Videos and photos will display your brand and when we share relevant posts, we will tag and thank your brand for supporting our relief efforts.

We have five programs with various sponsorship opportunities, so finding the perfect fit for your organization will be easy! Read below to find one that fits your organization and then contact us to get started. 


SAFE Camp is our most recognized program and we’re looking for a TITLE sponsor (Imagine [your brand name here] SAFE Camp). SAFE Camp is a centralized safe geographical location where we set up a massive volunteer/survivor operation for weeks at a time. This highly visible installation becomes an extraordinarily trafficked location. From SAFE Camp, we distribute millions of dollars of various brands merchandise, host hundreds and even thousands of volunteers, serve countless families in need, reach millions via national and social media all while providing critical human needs services until a communities infrastructure (water, electric) returns.

 Sponsorships Available at SAFE Camp

  • Title Sponsor – Includes All Sponsorship Levels
  • 8 Canopy Sponsors
  • 2 Cook Trailer Sponsors
  • 4 Command Trailer Sponsors
  • 10 Purple Tent Sponsors
  • 20 Wrapped Trailer LOGO Sponsors
  • 10 T-Shirt Sponsors
  • Unlimited Pavement Logo Sponsors


 The Community Caretaking program consists of an outreach team of professional citizens appropriately trained and dispatched into affected neighborhoods to meet survivors’ needs. The teams offer a countless creative range of services that can include home cleanup and repair, tarping roofs and meal delivery, regular wellness checks, generator fueling, grief counseling, long term care and much more.

 Sponsorships Available for Community Caretaking

  • Title Sponsor – Includes All Sponsorship Levels
  • 20 Wrapped Truck LOGO Sponsors
  • 10 T-Shirt Sponsors
  • Unlimited Yard Signage


Cajun Navy Ground Force embeds into the most impacted and vulnerable communities to not only lend a helping hand, but we also tell their stories. And quite simply the more people we reach with impactful storytelling the larger our response. And every disaster we are reaching millions through our social media platforms Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Sponsorships Available for Visual Storytelling

  • Title Sponsor – Includes All Sponsorship Levels
  • Custom Video Production
  • LIVE Video Mentions
  • Corporate Username / Accounts Tagged in Posts



Social media followers and growing


Social Media Views


National Media Appearances


Live Facebook Videos


Keynote Speeches

How we reach so many.

Watch this video that shows our social reach and demonstrates SAFE Camp and Community Caretaking in action in Florida after Hurricane Ian.

CAJUN NAVY FILM_V4.mp4[00_02_45][20230605-57901774.2589]

Platinum Sponsor

Enjoy premium brand visibility and exclusive benefits.

Gold Sponsor

Receive prominent recognition and significant exposure.

Silver Sponsor

Showcase your commitment with substantial brand exposure.

Community Sponsor

Support our cause and gain recognition as a valued contributor.

Contact us to learn about our various Sponsorship Packages.

Contact Us

If you are ready to make a difference please reach out to Camille and she will schedule time to meet with you in person and send you our sponsors deck.

We are excited to discuss how we can collaborate effectively and tailor a package that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Camille Gaudet Director of Development


Let's make a difference!

Thank you for considering this sponsorship opportunity. Together, we can create a stronger, more resilient community in the face of disasters.

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