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Disaster are creating an urgent humanitarian crisis for the elderly in the USA.  

Natural disasters strike citizens of all abilities. And while younger and more abled citizens can leverage networks of support to rebound, the elderly and vulnerable struggle to move quickly out of crisis because they lack that core network of help.

This leaves the vulnerable in a serious crisis creating tremendous needs and yet, until now, there have been no effective designed programs to solve the core issue, delivering help through a strong network of support.

And as baby boomers age, it’s only going to get worse. In fact, within in 10 years 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65.

Cajun Navy Ground Force is leading the charge to address this crisis. We have designed five Swift Intervention Programs that work in unison to bring fast, long term, efficient care by delivering a countless range of services to those who need it most: 1) SAFE Camp 2) Community Caretaking 3) Remote Team 4) Visual Storytelling and 5) Swift Intervention Training.



Cajun Navy Ground Force trains professional citizens with vital skills to protect and stabilize elderly and disabled citizens living in natural disaster impact zones by embedding into impacted communities for extended periods of time.

A trained core team manages large numbers of professional volunteers with existing vital skills to provide a full range of physical and emotional care.


Our vision is to be a data-driven action oriented 501c3 non-profit that swiftly intervenes by creating a massive community response to protect and stabilize elderly and disabled victims living in communities impacted by natural disaster.

Swift Intervention Programs

The need to swiftly help vulnerable populations after natural disasters is a massively underserved humanitarian crisis in the US. To address it we’ve developed five programs, we call Swift Intervention Programs. These programs work in unison to protect and stabilize the most vulnerable victims with fast and extended care, swift intervention, after natural disasters.

Here’s how they work. After a disaster, we first establish SAFE Camp short for ‘Swift Action Force Emergency Camp’  for urgent supply and medical needs and for a safe place to base our teams and volunteers who are beginning Community Caretaking operations. Our Data-Driven Remote Team oversees and manages our deployment operations remotely. We use on the ground Visual Storytelling to keep the disaster narrative alive and to drive a a citizen based response. And our Swift Intervention Training is about sharpening the saw and making us better and ready for each deployment.

These programs scale as volunteer numbers expand and they contract when it’s time to pull back or as resources or needs dwindle.

Safe Camp Swift Action Force Emergency Camp

Safe Camp

Swift Action Force Emergency Camp is a forward operating base embedded into the most impacted regions. SAFE Camp is a safe place for volunteers and nonprofits to gather, provide meals, supply distribution and provide human services.

Community CaretakingVolunteer for Cajun Navy Ground Force
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An outreach team of trained citizens embedded and living for extended periods of time in the most impacted communities to deliver a countless range of creative vital services.

DATA-DRIVEN REMOTE TEAM Remote Logistics, Communications and Support


Using a data-driven approach all ground force operations are managed and dispatched by our Data-Driven Remote Team who has oversight to everything that’s happening on the ground.

VISUAL STORYTELLING Expanding Reach for Greater Impact Through Live Videos


The more of the public we reach the bigger our impact. Live videos via social storytellers and national media drives volunteer engagement and in-kind and monetary donations.

Swift Intervention Training Trained and Ready to Manage Deployed Volunteers

Swift Intervention Training

Disaster response leaders are trained in vital skills and ready to deploy and direct large numbers of volunteers.

Video after Hurricane Ian shows SAFE Camp and Community Caretaking taking place in Florida.

18,000 disaster survivors were loaded with desperately needed supplies like food, water, diapers and other consumables in an EPIC 12 days following Hurricane Ian. Cajun Navy Ground Force operated a MASSIVE distribution center during Hurricane Ian in Florida. Called SAFE Camp, for Swift Action Force Emergency Camp. SAFE Camp is a distribution center that is a highly-engineered, precision-oriented, data-driven Cajun Navy Ground Force program which mimics a wartime forward operating base.



Become a Community Caretaker. Ground Force makes it easy for good citizens across the country to gather together on-scene AFTER a disaster and assist those whose lives are in crisis. We make it easy to help. Register, then just gas up your car or purchase a flight and come join us.  We will make sure you’re fed and housed while you help. Register here to assist.


Whether you or a loved one need rescue services, supplies, water, tree/ debris removal, tarp replacement, or a wellness check after a natural disaster, we crowdsource to provide essential disaster response services after a devastating event.

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