Hayes Brashears Receives Mold Remediation Certification

Hayes Brashears has been leading a ten-man team of Cajun Navy Ground Force muck-out specialists in Kentucky since September 2022, following the devastating floods that left many homeless and unable to tackle the enormous task of recovering on their own.

Kentucky Flood Cleanup

Hayes was a coal miner for twenty years before joining the Cajun Navy Ground Force and is the father of two grown children in their twenties. His own house was damaged by the flood and he had no prior experience doing muck-outs… It’s something people who get involved learn out of necessity and quickly become experienced due to the enormous need following a flood. Hayes and his Cajun Navy Ground Force team have mucked out close to 60 homes since September 2022.

Kentucky Flood Water

Mucking out a house involves removing all of the personal belongings of the homeowner, or business owner, that were destroyed by the water. Once everything is removed from the house, it’s important to get the drywall removed as soon as possible to prevent the mold from spreading, which quickly becomes a serious health risk. In Kentucky, many homes had several feet of mud in them that had to be removed before anything could be done. After the drywall is removed, all the carpeting and flooring must be removed as well.

Once the house is stripped, the need for immediate mold remediation is essential and that is where Hayes recently became even more valuable to the community he is serving. Hayes recently received his mold remediation certification after completing an extensive training course through the International Restoration Institute, a leader in disaster specialist training.

Hayes will be receiving more certifications through the International Restoration Institute in the future, as his Cajun Navy Ground Force team continue to serve the people of Kentucky.

Thank you, Hayes Brashears, for the hard work you and your team are doing for the people of Kentucky!

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